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How to Book an Appointment for Consultation?

Give us a call at +91-7665669181 / +91-6350275939 to book an appointment for a consultation. Please come to the clinic on time with at least an hour in hand.


You may fill out the Contact Form with your details ( Name, Telephone number, E-mail, and Question) by clicking on any of the ‘Book an Appointment’ buttons. Our representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Usually, we contact you within a few hours, but please give us at least a day to revert to you.


What to expect from the Consultation?

On the day of the appointment, please come on time and have at least an hour in hand. Most of the cosmetic Consultations take time. We need time to talk to you, analyse your problem, give you a feasible solution and then discuss the same at length so that you can make an informed decision.

While awaiting your turn, please be patient and enjoy TV, Music and an assortment of the latest Magazines to help you pass your time while the Surgeon is busy with the previous appointment or ongoing procedure. As the nature of these things is, you may not be able to meet the Surgeon at the exact appointed time. If for some reason the surgeon is not available or your appointment is likely to be delayed by more than an hour we will inform you beforehand. We appreciate your understanding.

During the consultation Dr Vishal with the help of his female/male staff will take a detailed history and perform an examination, with your consent, to document various body parameters and measurements along with relevant clinical photographs.

The surgical plan relies on the fact that you gave a complete and correct history to the best of your knowledge. If you are on any other medication or you are on treatment for any other chronic disease, please bring your medical records and prescriptions if possible.

At the commencement of clinical evaluation recommendations regarding the treatment plans and any other alternatives will be discussed with you.

Planning for the Surgery

You have to select the procedure and staging that best fits your concerns under available resources and ability to accept medical risk. You will be advised to undergo further Investigations such as Blood Investigation, Electrocardiogram(ECG) and Chest X-Ray.

According to the reports of these investigations, you may be required to visit once again for Anesthesiologist consultation. In case you are already on treatment for any other ailment, or if there are new signs of disease according to the recently received investigation reports you will be advised to visit your Physician and get their consent for surgery.

We make Patient Safety our priority; you will qualify for the planned procedure only if the investigations are within a reasonably normal range.

All Cosmetic Treatments and Surgery procedures are contraindicated in Pregnancy. 

You have to deposit an Advance Fee to finalise the time and date for Surgery. After that, you will be explained the ‘Before Surgery Instructions’ and will receive a print copy of ‘Before Surgery Instruction Sheet’ and ‘Procedure Information and Informed Consent Sheet’. You can also download the same from our Downloads Page. Please read both of them carefully and resolve any doubts or questions. We can proceed with the procedure only after you have given your informed consent. 

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Credit Cards, as well as Online Transfer for the Consultation fee, Advance payment, and  Surgical Fee.

For payment via Cheque, please draw the cheque in the name of “Kalpana Aesthetics”. Your booking will only be confirmed once the Cheque gets cleared.

For Online Transfer our bank details are as follows-

Account Holder Name: Kalpana Aesthetics

Account Number: 678405600376  IFSC Code: ICIC0006784 (Fifth character is  zero)

Bank and Branch: ICICI Bank, St. Xavier School Branch, Jaipur

Kindly make the required Online Payment and let us know the Transaction ID via E-mail (at [email protected]), Whatsapp (7665669181 / 6350275939) or inform us over the phone.

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Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your personal information with anyone.

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