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Laser and Light Therapy

Overview of Laser and Light Therapy

Lasers are highly concentrated beams of light which carry light energy to the target tissue. 

The mechanism of Lasers is easy to understand. Just like a piece of paper absorbs sunlight and heats up according to its color, various pigments present in the skin absorb laser light selectively. 

With scientific advancement, numerous lasers have become available to treat various skin conditions by affecting and heating up different pigments in the skin. 

Lasers provide a noninvasive quick effective and accurate treatment solution for a diverse range of conditions such as Acne scars, Birthmarks, Facial redness, Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Scars, Skin lesions, Spider veins, Stretch marks, Sun-damaged skin, Tattoo removal, Unwanted hair, Wrinkles

At Kalpana Aesthetics we evaluate the entire face as a whole and suggest the best-customized treatment plan for you. 


How is the treatment performed ?

Photofacial is an outpatient procedure performed at our clinic. You will lay back comfortably on the treatment chair. You will be given Protective eye cover to wear at all times during the procedure. It may also be necessary to protect the outer layers of your skin with a cold gel or special cooling device. This will help the laser light penetrate the skin.

Next, the Healthcare provider will give a test pulse to the treatment area and watch the area for several minutes to make sure the best settings were used and to check for bad reactions. After proper adjustment of settings, IPL/laser shots are given in one small area at a time. Each shot area is approximately the size of a small coin. When the procedure is completed, you are given ice packs, anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, or cold water to ease any discomfort.

Laser treatment is not painful. The laser machine has a built-in cooling system which cools the skin and reduces any pain sensation. It may take up to 30 minutes to one hour for a single session.

What are the benefits of Laser Therapy ?

  • An effective way to eliminate many cosmetic issues, including moderate acne scars and rosacea.
  • An effective way to minimize the aesthetic impact of enlarged pores, light wrinkles, and moderate sun damage.
  • It is non-invasive, it allows doctors to make cosmetic improvements quickly, conveniently, and with very little risk or discomfort.
  • The procedure is also quick and involves no downtime, making it a convenient option for people with busy schedules.

Who are the best candidates for Laser and Light Therapy ?

People who have blotchy, sun-damaged, or discolored skin, or whose skin is affected by large pores, freckles, or wrinkles, may benefit from Laser therapy. There is no age limit. An ideal candidate for a Photofacial is in good physical health, understands the procedure, and has realistic expectations of the outcome. 

When will I see the result ?

Results can be seen from the very first treatment session but Laser therapy requires multiple sessions. With each treatment, the results of photo-rejuvenation become more pronounced. Although different conditions require different treatment planning and schedule on an average 5 to 6 Laser therapy sessions spaced 2-3 weeks apart are normally required for optimal results. Depending on your skin type and the condition that is being treated you may require more than 6 sessions. 

What are the risks and safety considerations ?

Short-term potential side effects of Laser Therapy include minor swelling, redness, and increased visibility of small capillaries. These symptoms usually begin to disappear within a few hours of treatment.

Blistering and bleeding has been reported in very rare cases, and hyper- and hypopigmentation (darkening and lightening of the skin) have been reported as well. Scarring has been reported, but this is very rare. Please read the informed consent document carefully and completely to understand the risks in detail.

It is advisable that you defer the treatment for 6 months if you are currently on Isotretinoin drug treatment. Contact our surgeon/cosmetologist for further guidance.

What are the after-procedure instructions and precautions ?

Immediately after your treatment, your face will appear slightly red or flushed, but this is completely normal. It will take several hours to a day or so for the treatment’s results to become noticeable. The redness will fade, and you will see improvements more and more.

Though recovery from Laser therapy is rapid, it is important to keep in mind that sunscreen is vital to ensuring the results of the procedure last as long as possible. Be sure to protect the treated area from the sun for at least a couple of weeks, either by covering the area or wearing strong sunscreen. If the proper steps are taken to maintain the improvements, the results of your treatment may last up to a year or longer. Also read the post-procedure instruction carefully and follow them properly for a long lasting result.

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