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Wide Jaws

Introduction to Wide Jaws

While a sharply defined jaw makes a male face handsome wide jaws is not a desirable female characteristic.

Widened jaw gives a square dynamic to the shape of the face. Though this looks impressive in a male, it might not make the female face look attractive. Aesthetically pleasing feminine face shape is tapering towards the chin. The widest part being the cheeks bone region.

The wide jaw may be caused by bone architecture or because of hypertrophied jaw muscle or both.

At Kalpana Aesthetics we evaluate the entire face as a whole and suggest the best-customized treatment plan for you.

Causes of Wide Jaws


Some people develop wrinkles earlier than others. While some don’t develop wrinkles even at an advanced age. Hereditary traits are passed on from parents to their children. Understanding this helps us to start treatment early and delay the signs of aging.

Muscle Activity

The constant movement of facial muscles along with skin changes of aging creates wrinkles. Initially they are dynamic and present only at the time of facial expression but gradually they become static and are present even at rest.

In cases of overdeveloped masseter muscles, Botox injection treatment relaxes the muscle and softens the jaw.

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