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Age Spots – The Best Treatments and Tips

Age Spots

Age Spots are also known as a Liver spot or solar lentigines. It is a small hyperpigmented(darkly coloured) patch of skin that is seen mainly in the skin areas exposed to the sun.

It typically appears on the face, neck, hands and legs in older individuals, above 50 years of age. It is equally seen in males and females but more in cases of sun exposure. 

It is primarily related to sun exposure and the genetic makeup of the person. The UV light in sunlight stimulates the melanocytes(pigment-producing cells) to multiply and form clusters which produce more melanin pigment.

If you are looking for a solution to get rid of your age spots just book an appointment and consult with our specialists.

Factors causing Age Spots

Age spots are more frequently present in lighter individuals. Although age spots are benign at times, it becomes impossible to differentiate them from skin malignancy. In such a case excision of the lesion and skin biopsy is advised.


Sun Exposure (UV exposure)

The foremost reason for Age Spot is exposure to sunlight. It is an excellent idea to protect oneself from Direct as well as indirect sunlight by using sunscreen and protective measures. 


Genetic Makeup

An Age Spot is more common in a person of lighter skin type. It may also run in families, and prior knowledge of susceptibility can help you employ preventive measures beforehand. 

Age spots may mimic malignancy. Always consult your physician and get a complete evaluation.

Sun protection is the main stay treatment for Age Spot. Once the pigmentation has settled in, Chemical Peel, Lasers and Light Therapy are used to remove pigmentation.

Dr. Vishal Purohit

Dr. Vishal Purohit

Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vishal Purohit is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in the Pink City Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is well versed in Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Aesthetic Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery, Microvascular Surgery, and Burns Surgery.

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Medical Solutions

Available Treatments



Laser and Light therapy can lighten up the age spots quickly in a couple of sessions. It is safe, quick and gives satisfying results. 



Microdermabrasion Procedure can get rid of the age spots gradually over time. Usually, 6 to 8 sessions are required.  


Chemical Peel

Spot Chemical Peels provide a quick and easy way to remove age spots. Chemical peeling requires multiple sessions to lighten the age spots. 

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