Dimple Creation – The Awesome Guide

Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimple Creation Overview

Dimples are perhaps the cutest defect to happen. Dimples are actually defects in the muscle of the face so that the buccinator muscle separates when it is contracted. Those who are not genetically gifted with dimples can have them with a small surgical procedure within an hour. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the patient goes back home the same day.

At Kalpana Aesthetics we evaluate the entire face as a whole and suggest the best-customized treatment plan for you.  


What Happens in Dimple Creation Surgery ?

You are asked to come to the surgical suite at least 2 hours before the time slot allotted for surgery. It essential to come on an empty stomach if your procedure is planned under sedation or GA. Please carefully read and follow all the pre-operative instructions given to you at the time of appointment. 

You will be given time immediately before the surgery to discuss any last minute doubts with the surgeon. The surgeon, along with you, will mark the location of your new dimples with an aesthetic analysis in front of a mirror. Once you are ready, you will be taken to the operation theater.

The procedure is performed under local anesthetic by completely numbing the area. There is no pain. A small incision is placed inside the mouth to release the muscles. A suture is then applied across the cheek along with a gauze piece. This suture is left in place for a week. A small dressing is done at the end of the procedure.


After the surgery, the effect of local anesthetic and analgesics used at the time of surgery gradually wear off. As soon as the patient stars to perceive pain Pain-killers are administered for up to 5 to 10 days depending upon patients pain tolerance.  

What are the benefits of Dimple Creation surgery ?

  • it is safe.
  • it is done under local anesthesia.
  • it dramatically changes the face to look as you desire.
  • it is also partially reversible.

When will I see the results ?

The suture is removed after a week. You will appreciate the result immediately. Tissue healing takes 1 to 2 weeks. There will be mild swelling and redness for a week or two. Initially, the dimples will be very deep on both without smiling as well as while smiling. Gradually the static dimples(resting face) will become less noticeable with just a slight dip in the cheek. Complete tissue healing and remodeling takes around 4-6 months.

What Are the risks and safety considerations ?

Dimple creation is a safe surgery. Like all surgical procedures, there are risks related to surgery, anesthesia, and sutures. Please read the Liposuction Informed Consent document thoroughly and completely to understand the risks involved.

What are After-Procedure instruction and precautions ?

  • You will be explained and given a printed postoperative instruction sheet. Please read that carefully and completely. Follow all instructions sincerely. 
  • After the surgery, there will be a suture on the cheek with gauze in between both on the cheek as well as inside the cheek. maintaining oral hygiene is of utmost importance. you will be given detailed instructions for the same.
  • During the first week of the healing period, you will be required to minimize facial expressions to help with healing. 
  • For the first three days liquid or semisolid diet is preferred.   

Who are the best candidates for Dimple creation ?

The simplicity of the procedure makes it conveniently accessible for everyone. There is no age limit though we defer patients younger than 18 years. It is preferable for the patient to be in good physical health and most importantly must have a realistic expectation. It’s important to understand that any cosmetic surgery can only change your physical appearance and not deliver a social impact.

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